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Urban Agrilculture Initiative – a Project of WIBC

 What is the Project
 Problem Area

WIBC, working together with a number of interested stakeholders, noted that many communities in South African, with emphasis on urban communities, were ravaged by the following problems:
• Unemployment– unemployment is a key challenge for South African communities with the youth bearing the biggest brunt of this. Unemployment is the core of the socio-economic issues experienced in these communities.• Lack of entrepreneurial opportunities– entrepreneurship is a high-risk venture and for many, entrepreneurship is the only avenue available to support their daily living. Finding opportunities to develop small businesses is difficult for many due to limited educational backgrounds and business networks but more importantly competitive pressure from incumbents.

• Youth vulnerability– the urban communities experience the highest growth rate in youth populations driven by urban migration patterns, which is also the group with the highest unemployment rate of all population groups. These conditions result in negative socio-economic stability and opportunities for young people in these communities.

• Food Insecurity– urban communities, especially inner-city communities, currently experience high levels of food insecurity and poverty. Many families cannot afford food where long value chains and expensive distribution networks are necessary to supply urban consumers.
In light of these challenges which in a post-COVID-19 world will be exacerbated by the depressed economic outlook, WIBC and their partners have focused The Urban Agriculture Initiative to address the challenges identified, by achieving the following key goals:

• Job Creation – Developing innovative agri-processing ecosystems that provide employment opportunities in communities. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring training and skills development will be provided to offer employment opportunities to the most vulnerable in the communities identified. The initiative intends to create over 500 jobs within the next 3 years.
• Entrepreneurial Opportunity – develop a large number of diverse entrepreneurial opportunities in communities underpinned by the agriculture ecosystems established. Opportunities will be offered as small business opportunities or cooperative
opportunities across the full spectrum of the value chain. The initiative intends to support more than 150 new enterprises within 3 years.
• Designated Groups Support – provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to youth with preference for the designated high-risk groups – women, persons with disabilities and youth. The initiative commits to ensure at least 50% of opportunities will be offered to these designated groups.
• Food security and resilience – local supply of cost-effective fresh produce will be a priority of the project. Elimination of long, expensive distribution channels will reduce costs. The initiative commits to establish local supply channels of fresh produce in food insecure communities through the Mila Fresh brand and support fair value distribution to producers while making quality produce affordable.
• Education and Skills development – community members and schools will be provided access to critical high intensity modern farming methods. This will spur the next wave of technology innovation and interest in agriculture prospects for young people in these communities.

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Thank you so much Tina and Michael…we will miss you so much. Thank you for your mentorship, it will truly go a long way. I will never forget your good stewardship! Blessings and more open doors for both of you and WIBC.



Thanks Tina and the team. I have grown so much from the program.
All the best to everyone.



Thank You Tina! It was daunting but I am 100% glad I completed the programme. Thanks for all the support!
Goodluck to you all in your business endeavours! Hope to see you all slaying in business and life in general!